Doomtown Illustrators
This background is a repeating collage of the faded grayscale images of six artists whose work appears as prints on Doomtown trading cards. From left to right, top to bottom:
  • Bluff by Lissanne Lake, Cheatin' Varmint by Lissanne Lake, Dead Man's Hand by Paris Cullins

  • Double Dealin' by Edward Fetterman, Friends in Low Places by Lissanne Lake, Lady Luck by Paul (Prof) Herbert

  • Snake Eyes by Edward Fetterman, Casino Morongo by Heather Hudson, and Hector Casparo by Bryon Wackwitz

   Scroll down to the next repitition to view them free from text.

   Play the game to see the cards in color

    Dead Man's Hand (right top) and Lady Luck (immediately below) prints treat the same subject -- poker winner and poker loser, with similarities in composition and in foreground and background elements, but with a different style and mood. The trading cards have a suit and ranks that would cause them to be placed side by side in a Doomtown Dead Man's Hand. These works were made to be compared!

    The page headings for Clell Miller, Dead Man's Hand, and Casino Morongo link to color images of another Lissanne Lake, to the Cullins, and to the Wackwitz work respectively.

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