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about iranian graphic designer network - IGDN

1) to maintain and develop proposed policies graphic art, national and international.
2) cooperation with organizations in recognition of artistic institutions Hove Fields Graphic basis.
3) study and utilization of new theories based on graphic graphics Iranian culture.
4) support and encourage basic research and graphic design at the national level.
5) proposed policy in relation Hnrgrafyk communities and graphics conventions.
6) propose policies to expand Vmbahs art criticism in the visual aesthetic.
7) Iranian Graphic introduced internationally and linking graphic designers.
8) annual assessment Hnrgrafyk indicators in the country.
9) holding annual meetings in various fields Hnrgrafyk.
10) of deficiencies in the educational system in the country to offer graphics and references.
11) relationship interdisciplinary research in science and other graphics.
12) Entrepreneurship Course for students and job seekers at national level graphics.
13) introduced the artists and researchers active in the field of Graphic.
14) support the Compilation and Translation Hnrgrafyk resources.
15) the formation of specialized groups in the field of graphic art and visual communication
16) proposed regulations that grant enabled the art to graphic designers for.
17) awards to outstanding personalities in the field of research, translation and Hnrgrafyk Scroll.

IGDN History
Network Graphic Designers Graphic Designers now search the information and unknown graphic designers
and other non-members from all over the world is busy and this year we have also decided to expand activities
with the International Committee of the step in introducing new supply Graphic Arts at the international level, we hope with
the grace of God Special accommodations can and international relations for our graphic designers we provide.
Currently no network of Iranian graphic designers advertising including email advertising will not accept to
send confidential database and will be unavailable hope this matter can draw satisfaction members.

Graphicmiran;s Network capabilities
join the group and calls for international competitions will send you an annual International Day Graphics Users can
Artist Forum in the presence of active people to carry the group, including translators and reporters praised the valuable prizes for
the annual members will receive a package containing an active catalog and poster competitions for free DVDs will be sent
With your information for group membership book database designers will be registered

Network Operations Team and members of this network of Iranian graphic designers
have many years in search of graphic designers worldwide, and now graphic designers database of more than 14,800 people
in Iran is worth noting that this group has a different framing members, including Category classified into the following descriptions listed.

Network Database & Category Of Graphic Designers :
1.graphic design art enthusiasts. Graphic Designers with 5 years experience
2.Graphic designers with a history of more than five years
3.Graphic designers and university professors ringmaster graphics
4.Graphic students in Iran and other countries
5.Honorary Members

Network activity brilliant Iranian Graphic Designers
Graphic Designers Association membership in AIGA
Studios of AAAAIGDN graphiciran

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