Retrato de Rosa Chacel por Alejandro cabeza

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Alejandro Cabeza (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, 1971) started taking lessons
in drawing and painting at age twelve. In 1993 he received his degree in
Fine Arts at the San Carlos Faculty of the Polytechnic University of
Valencia. He obtained his first painting award when he was just seventeen.
He has participated in several local, national and international painting
competitions, in which he has been awarded or selected as finalist. Among
his most important honors: “Alex Alemany” City Council Award (Valencia,
1994 and 1995), Army Cultural Center Award (Valencia, 1995), First Biennial
of Painting and Sculpture “DIMENS ARTS” (Valencia, 2003). His first
individual exhibition 1993 was held at the Fine Arts Circle of Valencia, of
which he was member for over ten years. He has had about twenty solo and
group exhibitions at the Fine Arts Circle of Valenci 1988. and a solo
exhibition at Vicente Blasco Ibáñez House Museum (Valencia, 2004). Among
his collective exhibitions: Maritime Athenaeum of Valencia (1990), City
Museum (Valencia, 1994), Valencia Opera House (Palau de la Música, 2005).

In 2001 the City Council of Valencia published his book Valencian Light, in
which was collected one hundred landscapes painted up to that moment. In
2013 is published his book-interview “Painting is human memory and fruit” /
Collection Contemporary of the World 29, Series Research on Memory and
Judgment, Madrid / Mexico DF, 2013), an extensive interview published
within the framework of the prestigious collection Contemporary of the
World, where have already been published other interviews answered by
several personalities from the world of literature such as Maria Teresa
Andruetto, Fernando Sorrentino (Argentina), Froilán Escobar (Cuba / Costa
Rica) and Armando José Sequera (Venezuela), among others, as the acclaimed
ballerina Alicia Alonso too.

Two of his paintings, two separate portraits of writers Alejo Carpentier
and Nicolás Guillén, are the heritage of the Cuban people and are on
permanent display at the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba
(UNEAC). Other works entre which the portrait of the writer Angel Ganivet
have gone on to become Finnish heritage institutions and rest in Helsinki.
His portrait of the writer Ana Maria Matute is part of the funds of the
Royal Spanish Academy of Language and remains exposed in one of the rooms
of their headquarters.

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