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I was a restaurant owner delving into the culinary arts before discovering photography and computers about two years ago. Drawing has always been a hobby of mine. Having no previous education in art, I experimented freely combining my love for all three mediums. As you can see, my art is a direct reflection of the perception of myself and those around me. I have embraced unconventionality and it has been very well received by others.

Some of my influences are James Abbe, Maxfield Parrish, Icart, Mapplethorpe, Klimt, Dali, and H.R. Giger. I have tried to focus on more classical effects in a modern digital medium. A wide range of effects are used from soft, diffused, and intricate to stark, rigid, and symmetric. Layers of meaning and symbolism as well as visual layers are present. The colors used are very specific in their symbolism which is repeated throughout my work.

The medium of my work is Limited Edition Chromira Digital prints (photographic prints). The creation of my work combines scanned hand drawings and digital photography. A series of exclusive actions and filters which I have developed for Photoshop is then applied to the digital image. From there, the high resolution image is Chromira printed in editions of fifty (50).
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