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Since an early age he has been drawing, painting and engraving, and began to exhibit wood engravings and ink drawings and monotypes in 1972. In that decade he integrated the movement “el dibujazo”, and since then has displayed work in several expositions in Uruguay and internationally, receiving prizes in several categories.
He has studied with mentors of the stature of
Luis Solari, David Finkebeiner,Rimer Cardillo
and Florio Parpagnoli.
In 1995 he studied visual communication in the Design Center of Uruguay.
Since that time, he has been dedicated to investigating
computer graphic and multimedia languages.
He also works as free lance illustrator.
In 1998 exhibited digital engravings that received the prize of the month in February 1999 in the contest “The better than órbita Starmedia" and de second annual prize of the same community.

Contemporary Art International Echange Exhibition Sponsored by the Major of Prague.
Date: 2002.7.30 – 8.5
Place:Prague Congress Center.
Digital Painter Alejandro Silveira in representation of Uruguay.
Sponsership: Monthly Art Magazine Art Korea
Society Of Korea Illusart.
Support: Artvision Europe cultural Exchange
Association Germany Headquarters.
Second Biennial of Buenos Aires - Argentina. 2002.
Studios of Alejandro Silveira

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