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My passion for the art is born with me.
The comics, the great names of the illustration have given me a push and an unbelievable passion to learn and to deepen techniques and my style.
I have looked for a lot him in of me, a way of drawing and to paint that represent me. The airbrush allows me this.
In these years, I have tried to create my style to paint with an airbrush and the color in the hands.
A way of representing emotions, using material modern and not usual in artistic field, as metallic or kameleon colors for example.
I have known the great names of the Italian Airbrushers and foreigner.
Not only it is work for some but also a style of the life.
The experiences that they lives in this environment are stimulating above of every imagination, new ideas, material new, new techniques, new friends.. the limit only seems own ability.
I like a lot it.
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