Alexander Donskoi

"Et Languor,et silentium,et latere petitus imo spiritus"2003,oil on canvas(92cm x 76cm)
© 2018 Alexander Donskoi

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I was born in Vladivostok,Russia,and studied fine arts,philosophy and languages in university.While exploring ancient cultures of the orient,and immersing myself in marthial arts and religiom of China at a Tibet monastery,I continued to develop my artistic visions.At the same time I lectured and exhibited widely in China,Mongolia,North Korea and Japan.In 1991 I moved to Canada,where I continue to work on my paintings(oil on canvas) and drawings(pencil on paper).By combining visual logic and ecstatic delirium from a tornado-stirred epicenter of calm,i mastered a magical realism of sub-mythic eloquence.Disturbances and contractions arising from cryptic and ambiguous connections are appeased by an elevated and unifying sense of color and composition.
"In my professional opinion as art historian and museologist,I realized that Alexander Donskoi is not only master of a unique style and technique of paintings,but also a scientists and explorer".
By Igor I.Kuchinsky PhD.Director&Curator Galerie Heritage Int.
"There can be no doubt about the lasting value of this man and his work"!
By Christopher J.Barnes.Professor and Chairman Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures.University of Toronto,Canada
"He is a bright individual who wil contribute to the artistic life of the country where he lives and works".
By Denis Kostaki,Director Kostaki's House of Arts.
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