Alexander Pogrebinsky, Ph.D

Le Louvre, exhibited at the 2001 Salon D'Automne. Paris, France.
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Alexander Pogrebinsky, Ph.D., is the world renowned landscape and portrait artist. Highly philosophical and deeply skilled works that have traveled the world and given countless people inspiration and wonder. Works of deep aesthetic quality reveal the world in a higher, more meditative approach, as the Washington Post said, "so much so that one gets lost in the painting and forgets about the philosophy." In 2001 Dr. Pogrebinsky displayed his famed "Le Louvre" at the Salon D’Automne in Paris. Currently Dr. Pogrebinsky resides in the United States with his wife and two children.


"Art to me is the quest of one of the many sides of the Universal Truth.
The name for this side is Beauty.
What is Beauty?
It is the harmony which manifests in the finest proportions.
It is the expression of the infinite through the finite.
It is the oneness of the inner and outer worlds.
It is through Beauty that Truth reveals itself."

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