Alexandre Chlenski

Between Hope and Despair
© 2018 Alexandre Chlenski

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A Russian ?migr?, Alexandre Chlenski (Alex) was a doctor in his former homeland who became interested in computers and returned to University to get a Masters degree in computer sciences. Prior to the fall of the Soviet Union his dream was to live in the United States and his wealth of knowledge in computers ultimately provided the means to make that dream a reality.

But dreams don’t always come true in the manner we wish for them and his at one point became a nightmare. He learned the “English” he was taught in Russia prepared him to only discuss computer-related details and very limited non-work conversations. Next, he discovered he had developed a heart condition that might prove fatal. In between working as a software developer and long stints in the hospital he looked for something to keep his mind occupied and remembered fractals from his graduate studies.

He liked the designs he had seen in Russia and others he saw on the web here in the U.S. but wanted to do more than just the usual spirals and Mandelbrots. He wanted to use the technology like a painter would apply paint to canvas with depth, volume, and perspective. The long hospital stays allowed him the time to perfect his method and occupied his mind.

To his amazement friends began to buy his work, describing them as fine works of art. What began as a personal journey became something that others wanted to share. Word spread from those chance purchases to small shows and displays in local restaurants. The heart problem became more manageable with medication but Alex continued with his fractal creations.

In some ways like Jackson Pollack, the gallery you see here presents not only fine art, but a chance to take a visual journey into a world of ordered chaos, color, and perspective.
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