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Biography of Alexandru Gheorghiu

Born in Fetesti, Romania, at 26.03.1961, Alexandru Gheorghiu discovered his talent in an unusual way. As a convict for murder, serving 13 years from a 19 years sentence, the artist found one day, in jail, that he could draw and paint. Without a background in the art , Alexandru Gheorghiu started to paint by copying other famous artists works until he found his own style in an expressionist and fauvist manner. After 3 years of hardworking in the high security prison the artist began painting using as a start an old shaving brush and some furniture paint he found in the prisons factory.
“Painting brought me a peace and joy, which I never knew outside” used to say the ex-welder who killed his partner of drinking in a stupid fight.
Critics and media considered that a miracle was made possible when the artist start to exhibit first in the prisons club, afterwards in reputed romanian art galleries and even in Switzerland . Author of more than 1000 paintings Alexandru Gheorghiu works landed in lot of art lovers homes all over the world. His incredible story was extremely mediated, one reportage made by a Romanian television being aired also by the reputed Discovery Channel.
Released on parole in March 2002, after 13 years of jail and 10 years of painting in reclusion, artist Alexandru Gheorghiu continues his journey in the art field.
In March 2003 an exhibition with the new works of the artist will take place in Switzerland.

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