Alexey Isaev

The Spring
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Alexey have born in Moscow (Russia) 12.06.1962.From 15.03.1991 lived in Israel and 24.01.1998 moved to England.He started drawing since 5 years old, but started making art-work from enamels and gemstones just in 1992.
In 1998 - opened own Art-work shop in London (England). He has a few exibitions and articles about his art-works in Russian, Israel and UK's magazines. Alexey offering a new art-work that has never been used before, and which is now becoming known through out Great Britain!
This is a picture engraved on Ceramic, Marble, Granite or Limestone panels or any other materials you wish to use and inlad by enamels and gemstones.
You can use the artworks in any way you like, for example you can built them into the wall or attach them to it as a framing picture. These artworks are not damaged in any way by heat, coldness or water. That is why they can be used outside of a building or in a bathroom. Any images by any sizes!

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