Alexey Yakovlev

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I am a self-taught amateur artist. From my early childhood I liked to draw, and wanted to become an artist. Later I became interested in foreign languages, and studied philology at the Moscow university. My profession is Czech language, but I also have some knowledge of English, Finnish, German, Polish, and French. For many years I worked as a translator, and has almost forgotten my drawing. But three years ago I felt some need to draw and paint - maybe I became tired of "words, words, words". Better late than never! Now I work in different techniques: charcoal, graphite, Chinese ink, as well as pastel, oil, and tempera. Because of some technical problems I cannot at the moment present my paintings in the Web (but I hope that I shall do it). I love realistic art. To render the forms of reality in different materials and techniques is the most exciting experience. I am much interested in portraits, although I realize that my skill in portrait drawing is rather unsufficient. Please, remember that I am just an amateur, who is still learning - every day, with every picture.
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