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Amy Millard was born and raised in Colorado at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Colorado remains her home today.

As a child, her neighborhood was surrounded by gullies she played in, coming to love the wildlife and nature she found there. She would sometimes sit for hours watching new fox kits frolicking and teaching each other how to survive on the hills nearby.

She was lucky enough to enjoy frequent trips into the mountains near her home while growing up. She was captivated by her view of Quandary Peak from her parents' condo in Breckenridge and tried again and again to reproduce the breathtaking view she saw. She wanted to manage to capture that moment of butterflies in the bottom of her stomach at the sight of something so beautiful it defied words or reproduction. Through the years of practice her skill increased as did the breadth of her subject matter.

She spent many years in art classes including attending Metropolitan State College of Denver. After spending several years working for other people's passions, she decided to attempt to make a living doing what she loved to do most.

Amy participates in a variety of art shows across the country, but especially in Colorado where she has always felt most at home.

Her images are drawn from a variety of sources including a love of travel around the world, and the beautiful mountains near her home. Her latest international trip took her on explorations of beautiful and friendly Thailand where she was lucky to interact with elephants, and observe tigers extensively. She learned, among other things, that they have now proven even the large cats can purr, which was previously believed impossible.

Amy works primarily in acrylics and watercolors to create her wildlife art. She draws from a wide variety of mixed media such as pencils, pastels and ink for detail work as appropriate to each individual painting. Her animal art is representational and sometimes photo realistic.

Her prints are what is called iris or giclée prints. This is a computerized digital reproduction technique. Giclée printing offers the highest degree of accuracy and richness of color available by reproduction technique.

All prints are on professional archival quality paper designed to last at least 50 years without fading or yellowing. All matting, adhesives, packaging, tapes, etc in contact with the art are 100% acid free.
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