Andrea Raft

Soul Catcher
© 2017 Andrea Raft

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I first studied painting at the Brentwood Art Center in Los Angeles. Under its auspices I traveled to
Giglio, Italy to study and paint. It was there that I developed an interest in earthen hues, and
textures, inspiring me to paint in overlapping layers, revealing an aged patina and history. Found
objects, collage papers, metal leaf and photographs, are often found within my mixed media
pieces. I have lived in Los Angeles, Freeport Bahamas, San Luis Obsipo, and most recently moved
to the Coachella Valley. Each shift from urban to rural, east, west, ocean and desert along with
travels to Asia have inspired my artist perceptions, further enabling me to paint and study and
show my work in a host of disparate environments.
My work reveals a preference for the abstract and canvas's often express a quiet, serene
meditative quality. On canvas a blend of Nature's spirit and artist's prayer.
I am currently a Board member of the Artist Council of the Palm Springs Art Museum, and member
of the National Association of Women Artists, Women Painters West, Collage Artist's of America,
and Women's Caucus for the Arts.
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