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sweet dreams
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I started my work as an artist about 10 years ago, but for a long time I was not showing my works to anyone, I did it just for myself. Now that people have seen the pictures, they're said to be cool, and they tell me I should promote my art somehow. So I started using the Net for it.
10 years ago or such, I studied in an art school, or rather, I tried to. I left it soon because I understood that copying things from reality and putting them on paper was boring and senseless for me. Some people are great in that, but not me. What I like in art is improvisation - I never use any drafts and such, I just sit and draw or paint, that's the only way for me to be honest in art - doing what I feel at the moment.
The size of all the works presented here is 24,5 x 37 cm, I'm sorry I've no Idea how much is that in inches.
The media is oil pastels on paper. The b/w works are made in ink.
The prices are - well, I think it must be something like $300. Alright, some more facts about me: I'm 24, I live in Moscow, Russian federation. I study journalism and design. I love travelling, especially to Italy. I'm addicted to music and music influences me the most. Hooof, I don't know what else. It think that's enough.
Take care
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