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Blind God
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I'm a keen observer of Nature-rocks, plants, animals ...and humans.!
The stories I encounter in life make their way into the landscapes I create, and into the characters I populate them with....Computers in Art are a tool, like a violin-a thorougbred one-show it respect!

I did my first painting at age 7...(a formal still life!)...lucky enough to grow up in a creativly supportive enviroment of familly,friends.
and educators. I was one of those kids who in high school pretty much ended up being permitted to spend 75% of the day 'doing my thing' with pencil and brushes.
After graduation from college, I entered Advertising as an Assistant broadcast Producer, and ultimatly Creative Director for an agency in Boston, Mass.
-fast forward 12 years, to the invention of the digital graphics workstation-good for heads like myself, the ones tirelessly surfing the endless learning curve!
These days I do Independant design and illustration, and work by commision also here in Venice,California.

My projects typically begin their journey as sketched, painted, photographic or collage elements. After digitialisation, I add further elements to the 'mix' using computer.

Several of these pieces are 100 percent digital,either drawn (and, or) 'pixel' painted directly into a MacG4, utilising Photoshop 5.5.

Influences-the moods and feelings to be found in some surrealist and Impressionist works. Also contemporary Manga
art, particularly that of Masamune Shiro and Katsura Masakazu.

My work may be purchased as signed, numbered edition runs.
Purchase of origionals of some of these pieces are also at this time available (please enquire at
Enquiries regarding commisioned works of art are welcome.

If you've read this far...thanks!...enjoy the art.

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