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I gave up art in the third year of school and like many others conceded to the fact I could not draw or paint.
Then 18 months ago I injured my back playing golf, and was lying on the couch flicking through the boring daytime T.V. when I saw a programme on painting by Bob Ross. He made it look so easy with his 2 inch brush, fan brush and a pallet knife. It reminded me of Rolf Harris when I was young (can you tell what it is yet?).
I thought I could do that so off I hobbled to the local art shop bought some bits and started painting. The first few paintings I did people liked so I gave them away, then I was asked to paint pictures for people which I did but also gave them away.
It was then suggested I sell them that seemed a good idea as it was costing me a fortune.
Then came the question where?
That's when we came up with Discovering-Art.
Now the site is live and growing I must apologise for the poor quality of the digital images, as I ran round the house like a mad man to get my pictures on at the start before we ran out of space.
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