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Angel Dyke, is a self taught Louisiana artist, opting not to follow the beaten path of formal art training but rather pursuing her own form of raw, passionate creativity. Doing so has afforded her the ability to stay true to her own untainted creative emotion, instead of creating art influenced by the opinions of others. Always marching to the unheard beat of a different drummer, Angel has always preferred to follow her own unique form of artistic expression. Her love for the arts became evident even as a small child, preferring to spend many hours in solitude stationed in her own imaginative world of color and crayon. She spent most of her childhood drawing, painting and dreaming of one day becoming a professional artist. Now she is living her dream, painting from her studio in her native northern Louisiana. Impacted by the rich, colorful culture of her surroundings, Angelís brush depicts the joys of living life the... Laissez le bon temps roule! way. Although she is native to northern Louisiana, her love for New Orleans can be felt while viewing her art. Whether you are purchasing a French Quarter painting, whimsical still life, or a one of her posh contemporary abstracts- you'll be engaged by the intense vibrancy of her work. Growing up in such a diverse cultural melting pot has afforded Angel the gift of being diverse in her thinking as well as her art.
Angel's works are found in both corporate and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. Angel's works have increased in value within the last five years and are expected to steadily rise. Angel collaborates with galleries and exhibiting in shows both off and online. She is a juried member of EBSQ+, an online collective of artists. She has recently decided to offer her contemporary abstracts via eBay, so you will be buying directly from the artist. Angel has been offering her unique style of art on eBay since 2001.

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