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Radiant II
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Angela Tunner has always been actively creative. From the time she could put pen to paper she began to draw and explore art and colors. She began painting in 1976, selling and exhibiting privately since 1983. Most of her pieces were sold or gifted before they could be documented. By 1987, she was offered gallery placements internationally in Hong Kong, Bombay and Toronto. Educated in art in Ontario, 4 years secondary art courses and one year University level Art History and Art Theory. She has no formal training from an art college and has not been influenced in any school of thought or method. She considers this an important factor in her development as an artist. Over the years, she experimented with various mediums and art forms. As the artist matured, in the 1990ís, she settled comfortably with abstraction, reinterpreting abstract expressionist forms on canvas with acrylics. She works primarily in the acrylic medium for their flexibility and ability to create a multidimensional textured surface. The style of her work is contemporary abstract expressionism with vibrant landscapes of colors replete with gestural movements creating visual feast for the eyes. She also developed a career in business administration and management having worked in such industries as fashion, music, film and advertising. Her diverse lifeís path was filled with a great many challenges and emotion, she brings all of this to her art.

Angela is a former executive board member of CARfac, a Canadian organization for status of the artist. She is represented by CARCC, a copyright collective that licenses and administers copyright for visual and media artists and is also member of CARFAC, CARCC, a supporting member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an associate member of Emily Carr Alumni Society. Her works hang in private art collections throughout Canada and the USA.
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