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Bebelina, originally from Andromeda, was brought into this world in Gävle, Sweden in 1970 by two artisthippies who gave her a very...let´s say colourful childhood.;)
At a very early age she took interest in art and studying the humanity. And decided that they need help.
She was to become the Female Messiah of the Future World, and here she is! Spreading love and laughter on her path. The giggle is her weapon and the moon is her best friend. She wants to save the smurfs and marsupilamis from extinction before it´s too late. And to find all the other andromedians hiding on Earth. Are you one?:)
Illumination of the population is her mission and she believes that love is eternal. That the universe is our loving womb and and that all are equal. She practises yoga because it opens up her body and soul and is a vegetarian, to spare the animals from suffering and to reduce the karmadebt of the world. She loves to sing and dance and indulge herself in creativity of any kind.
She sleeps under a mushroom and wakes up when the sun is calling her.

Love is eternal!
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