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Aniello Scannapieco
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1971 Salerno, Italy

1989 Institute Of art, Salerno, Italy
1998 Accademia di Belle Arti, Napoli, Italy
Lives and works in Salerno, Italy

The observation of my works was born analysing the daily communication that we offer the media and that affects the common view, and aims to highlight the crisis in the language of today and especially observation.
Watching today is difficult as it is rare to find people who really looks precisely because, man being subjected to continuous passively assimilate visual information no longer has his time to develop biological self, and then to act critically to stimuli. So there is a danger of running towards automation, the massification, approval, to create in beings devoid of diversity (useful progress) and devoid of conscience.
I realized the difficulty that you deal with when you need to really look, especially when you are not predisposed to a mental commitment, and even if I used a well-targeted message to underline and attract attention, the difficulty was evident.
"The creative production" is a trick used to create the conditions space-time appropriate for a self reflection by the abduction psycho-sensory. It aims to change the status "normal" of consciousness and makes an attempt to stimulate the curiosity to open a gate in oxidizes him and impenetrable bark "of 'immaculate" personal world.
The work hours are no longer half mechanical used for a utility but becomes an entity itself, a presence that has a conscience, a presence that communicates not only outward but also in itself creating a closed loop. At the same protagonist and spectator; simultaneously is a single entity and various presences.

The work of Aniello Scannapieco while differentiating much among the mselves, all have a single denominator which is to a reality reinvented, taken as a principal interpreter of his way of doing art.
Transform, for example. sculpture living in his own lips that in some video-art articulate his own thoughts. Scannapieco, then, moves its interest between communication and inability to communicate, their world in which we live. In this way he analyzes the daily television time to which we are subject, insisting on symbolic value. Value latter made more explicit by behavioural matrix that underlies the entire plant of the last video-art of the artist, who insists on the symbolic value that takes time. This is a work of extreme lucidity and, at the same time, rigorous analysis of daily television time to which we are subjected. But it is mainly the present time (daily) the object of its analysis and its transcripts creative. So writing the corner of a road becomes painting, her body becomes sculpture, railway lines are transformed into poetry and mysterious signs on the night, as if to draw the outline of an imaginative way. They are interventions that cancel the traditional vision of things, to open a communicative vitality adherent to the restlessness of our time.
(Massimo Bignardi and Roberta Bignardi)

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