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Artist Statement:

Painting has been a passion of mine for as long as I remember. Rarely, do I use physical references for my work. Instead, thoughts and feelings about experiences are channeled through my mind into this medium. These are coupled with my belief, as I work, that art and divinity are inseparable. At first, this gives my art an ephemeral quality. But once this metamorphosis has concluded itself, the painting moves from the abstract to an impression of something.
An example of this experimental style is the way I approach the painting of a landscape. My theme is usually that of the creation of light onto a path. The painting itself is a journey down this path. The method that I most like to use to create this setting is that of pouring paints onto a surface of paper, canvas, or wood. The effect of this technique is a more natural way of creating the appearance of atmospheric perspective.
It is also a way that J.W. Turner developed some of his fantastic seascapes.
Once I am satisfied with the budding background, I began to take recesses from the piece. It is then that I meditate on what the painting is telling me. From that point, it appears to evolve out of itself.

In this process, the real work starts. It is a struggle to bring about, with paints and brushes, the other parts—parts that come from my mind’s imagery. Often, I think of good versus evil when this is occurring. In the push-pull of warm and cool colors, to make objects advance and recede there is a sort of battle that takes place to see which side wins. Always, though, it is the light that I seek—The light and harmony.
During the past five years I have taught art in the Continuing Education Program at Northeast Alabama Community College. I have also taught in my own studio.
I earned a BS degree with a concentration in art and English from Athens State College in Alabama. It was during this time that I began my formal study of art. For the past 25 years I have continued to do so through workshops, classes, and independent studies.
My work has earned me placement in the World’s Who’s of Women and other awards. It hangs in private collections and galleries. 
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