Annette Barrick

I have enjoyed art since I was about 8 years old. I have an older sister who was always better then me in every thing. I found something in me that I knew I could do better and better then her at, and that was art. I started drawing just houses, ya know how little kids are. The first house with bushes and grass. Then people. But not portraits. People that dont exsist. I used to get encyclopeditas and learned to draw pictures of chapels and monuments in different countries. It was very easy for me to understand the perspectives and lighting. With a good eraser and a pencil in my hand I could draw just about anything. Unfortunately I never went to school for the arts. Though I wish I would have had the oppertunitie. What I draw know are objects and figures of no existance. Magical fairies and forests of delight. I recently learned how to create pictures on the computer thrue graphics. Most of my pictures are of me with magical graphics. Hope you enjoy.

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