Antoine de Villiers

Impression with a sacred spirit
© 2018 Antoine de Villiers

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Antoine de Villiers is a South African artist whose work has been in the international public since 1996. To date she has mainly exhibited in her native country and in the British Isles. Early 2003, Antoine relocated to the United States where she is presently working on exciting new challenges.

Antoine’s art is an introspectional investigation of her life and thought. Her works have ranged in style from the realistic themes to abstract works, as the stages of her life unfold itself. She finds her inspiration in her close environment, hence her love for travel, which in turn explains her wide spectrum of styles. Her great passion though, lies within expressionistic art and as one reporter aptly noted, utilizing mainly the emotionality of the female as a theme.
Her work embraces the psychological relation of the various facets of a person within oneself, thus she prefers constructing emotional complexity within a solo subject.

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