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... from portrait to self-portrait ...
photographic and mix media project In collaboration with Elsa Peretti Foundation
Since 1996 Iíve been taking B&W portraits of artists, and giving them a duplicated print of their portrait on which to create their self-portrait.
Originals are not for sale, The aim of this project is to give it away as a donation to a public museum on conditions, if you are an artists and interested to participate, please leave a message
Volume 1 with 242 artists is now available from my personal site

Post Cards from Year 2222

A tale of the future based on images from the past.

Post Cards from Year 2222 is a photographic sci-fi story in open collaboration with Jose Maria Munoz Rovira aka Humphrey and Claudine Beaumont, who will add captions to the images.Texts will be published in the original language chosen by the author.
The heating of the planet, sand storms, the extreme sunlight filtered through the frozen clouds, and the change in the magnetic fields, will transform the colors and perception of things around us.

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