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Born in Berkeley, and always on the west coast, April grew up surrounded by artists. An uncle constantly hammered at Carrara marble and 2 aunts drew and painted.
April makes subjective translations of objective things, such as portraits or city-scapes. Using variation, distortion or symbols in recognizable subjects, allows for a more personal interpretation. She is particularly influenced by the work of El Greco, who is to her a uniquely “modern” artist, after 400 years. She also is intrigued by the spiritual world and expressing the flux and interaction between what is seen and unseen, material and spiritual.

Primarily a painter in acrylics, April uses many mediums. She has painted sets for the Portland Opera and created portraits, murals, cards, illustrations, video, thematic groups of paintings and done some teaching and free-lance writing. In 2003 she created a multi-media, traveling exhibit about Human Trafficking and it’s economic base.

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