Ariock Leca umhr sonit

Fearotica : Sinful Nightmare ( sample )
© 2018 Ariock Leca umhr sonit

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To resume what I am and what I do in a simple description, I am a Freelance Illustrator/Cover artist, Concept Designer & Photographer specialized into Occult Erotic Horror, Unspeakable creatures, Insane Fantastic arts, Dark Fantasy and more Horrific themes from the Gothic shadows of madness to the bloody Gore representations of the human flesh…

I am currently well known for my monthly featured art in Hustler magazine, and for my work since 7 years in The adult Industry and Erotic Art in general….

But its not my real me…….

Every time I have tried to express who I really am, the visuals haunting me, what I want to express or show, and worked hard at it…. I have been censored… giving me no choice exept putting my erotic nightmares inside a secret box of flesh, under the shadows of my life and follow the path of responsibilities… made me choose the path of the money and make me live in a frustrating world for too long…. I am not an executive, I do not reproduce the work or ideas of others, not consciously or without an intention to make an homage to a master… in any case the collective unconsciousness is to everybody….. but I am a born Creative, since the childhood I have used any kind of arts to express who I am, and developed a wide panel of creative possibilities thanks to my curiosity, thirst of cursed knowledge and will to show whats behind the secrets….. I have been working as horror Special FX makeups artist, scenarist/director, concept artist for creatures fxs, Art director and more, I am also Writer and use many medias to represent my visions of other realities, the Chtonian realms and the legions of Nightmares.

But Like I said I had a hard time on the beginning, in France, to create erotic & horrific representations and be able to make a living with it…. To scary and disturbing…. so I choose another way for a little while.. The pinup fantasy art….

So after the purgatory I am back to hell, in my home sweet home of abysmal terrors and forbidden sensualities, ready to self produce my art to Be able to be what I am born for….. produce my dark art, guts blood, unspeakable horror, flows of dark pleasures merged in my visions of sensual terrors…

Ariock personal creations under development:
-Cursed Deluxe Paintings edition. N°1 realeased : Fearotica
-Illustrated Occult Encyclopedia of the Unholy creatures…
-Necro Artefacts: the jewellery and ritual tools..
-The Skin of Nigtmares: Clothes collection

I am a Creature from the edge of realities, dancing with the shadows of taboos, drinking the blood of the gods and making love to the fear….. My Work, My Heart, My Soul…..
Unlimited Horrors, Occult syMbolism, Sinful Erotica……… The Dreams, The Knowledge, The Fantasy…….. The Spirit, The Intellect, And the Flesh……

I am Ready to assume the role that is mine, even if I shred my mental health….. or whats left.

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