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1. About bronze sculptures.
2. The produce Base.
3. Competitive quality and price .
4. The Pursuance.
5. Our coming partnership.


1. About bronze sculptures
Reflecting the styles of classic, impressionistic, abstract and virtual.Works on commission.

2. The produce Base.
Located in Shanghai,China. Besides the convenient traffic and advanced tel. communication, artonbronze has rich resource of excellent Chinese sculpturers. With a force of 50 of sculpturers and a capacity of volume production, our fabrication & creation center makes sculptures with a big variety in the aspects both of the subjects and the styles.

3. Competitive quality and price.
Our produce cost is lower here as China is under its way of developing and do not affect our quality of oil painting.This is an obvious advantage. Quality sculpturs and competitive price will secure your supply with competitive sculpturs.

4. The Pursuance.
As we never stop tracing the world fashion of sculpture market, we will supply quality sculptures all according to the time and quality you specify.Customer`s satisfaction is our pleasure and long-term partnership is what we are trying best to establish and maintain.

5. Our coming partnership.
As we believe our Center are the best location of your supply base.We highly hope we will establish a long-term partnership to turn the fruitful prospects to real picture from our coming partnership.

Felipe Oduardo
Art on Bronze
Art On Bronze

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