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Augusto Carrillo Correa Bustos

He was born in August 12, 1954 in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He finished his secondary studies in Vicente López National School; in 1983 he graduates of the Argentine University of the Company (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa - UADE) having obtained Graduate's title in Public Relationships, taking his studies to the Doctorate in Labor Sociology in the same Institution (1984 -1987). In 1999, he writes a book titled “How to Conquer the Hysterical wild animal", which was published by Norton Communications INC, Santiago, Chile. Since boy, he had a good time painting and drawing by himself ,self-taught way, and also watching his father (physician and anatomy drawer); later attending ceramic shops and taking art classes with the professors Luis Muscia, Eliana Truscello. Since 1966, he participates in differents exhibitions obtaining mentions and prizes:

 1966 2nd Prize, Quito’s Gallery
 1972 1st Reward, “Alba” National Competition.
 1980 Hall A.T.C. (Argentina Televisora Color)
 1983 C.A.C.I.P.R.A. Chamber of Commerce Industry and Production of the República Argentina.
 1985 Café “La Subasta”.
 1987 Café “La Robla”.
 1988 C.A.M.A.C.O.L. Latin Chamber of Commerce of United States, Miami, FL, Intercontinental Hotel.
 1992 “The BIG BANG“, TV program. Channel 15, Cablevisión.
 1992 Stock Exchanges Main Hall of Buenos Aires, favored by the National Culture Secretary.
 1993 Café “La Banca”.
 1995 Reward Telecom Argentina.
 1996 Ibero-American General assembly of stock exchanges, Portugal, favored by External Relationships Ministry.
 1998 S.A.D.E - Writers Argentine Society.
 1999 E.A.S. Sheraton Santiago for Chile Convention Center.

Most representative works:

 1996 Permanent exhibition in the Stock Exchanges of Zurich, Switzerland.
 1998 Embassy of Chile, in Argentina.

At present:

April 2001. Station Ravines, “Tren de la Costa” San Isidro, Bs. As., Argentina.
In this sample he tries to reflect in the paintings the landscape of San Isidro, their nature and atmosphere. He puts on approval with rigorous good sense the details that characterize the place, describing the beauty of the trees. Nothing is out of reach in the artist eye, in his observations; he uses green colors in many of their ranges filled on the cloth in such ways that you can feel the aroma of the natural thing that is typical of this beautiful place.

The visitor is under conditions of confirming when traveling the area what is captured in the painting. Before the question wich painter is his favorite one, he responded without hesitating: “Toulouse Lautrec, with him I share the admirable observation gift.”
Prof. Claudio Gómez Cornet

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