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The art learning of Gariglio started, and continued, in the eighties, when he received of his uncle Alberto Braga and of Edgar Walter the teachings of oil landscape painting. In 86/87 he studied drawing with the artist Fernando Augusto. Still in 87, Gariglio takes the Observation Drawing Course during the Winter Festival of Arts, at São João Del Rei City, taught by Carlos Alberto Fajardo, when he knows the watercolor technique. In the year after, he improves his knowledge in this technique with classes of the Teacher Maria Angélica, of Guignard School of Arts. Always concerned about the practicing and the improvement of his drawing, Baptista Gariglio Filho participates of the Human Body Drawing Course at Guignard School of Arts, in 1997, taught by Solange Botelho.

Winner of various rewards, like the 1st Prize of the Ilustrations Competition of Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos, em 1992, Honors Mention and 3rd Prize in the Fine Arts Exposition of Clube dos Oficiais da PMMG in 1983 e 1984, respectivement, Gariglio is a frequent participant of shows and exhibitions in Belo Horizonte City, where we can detach the Air Force Exposition of Arts, in 1989, and the Centenary Exposition of Arts, supported by Telemig, in 1996. But, the acknowledgment of his art came with his Individual Shows of Watercolors (1995) and Oil on Canvas (1997), of which success approached him as one of the most important landscape painters of Minas Gerais.
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