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About the artist:

Barbara Rose Guada
Studio Two South East
eamil: artbybabz@aol.com

I began painting in 1993 and found this is who I am the artist who longs to put paint to canvas or anything I can. This painting is a combination of acrylics with mediums to allow dimension. I do not use paint brushes. This is one from the series titled: Isabelle.

My art is an expression of what I believe we all have in common; a sharing of sight, touch and tastes which we have yet to come in contact with. This was used in the series Rain Forest never having been to the rain forest and not knowing actual thickness, the moisture, the humidity, I am painting while drawing from a place deep inside it doesnt have name yet until the piece is finished.

Portraits in abstract, after spending time with a person or a telephone interview I then compose the image they allow me to see.

Please feel free to call my studio if you would like to view.
Thanks, Dharma Barbara Rose
email me at artbybabz@aol.com (put heading in to alert your interest)
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