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Barbara Steele Thibodeaux, American Contemporary Folk
Artist, of the Louisiana and Mississippi areas,
draws deeply from the wellspring of the rich cultural
heritage of those areas in her work, including her own family history.

Self-taught, she began painting in 1990, and has
a naïve style that delights collectors from all corners of the
world, including the United States, Canada, Europe,
Australia and as far as China. Thibodeaux’s
meticulous attention to detail and willingness to
communicate on the life and times of the people and
artifacts that intrigue both her loyal collectors and
people who encounter her work for the first time have
contributed to her growing stature as an accomplished
artist of the folk art genre.

Barbara Steele Thibodeaux concentrates mostly on scenes
from the past...American Primitive Portraits, Biblical Verses,
Cajun Art, and scenes from the Old South. In addition
to being owned by private collectors worldwide,
her work has been shown in Galleries such as:

America Oh Yes! Hilton Head, SC and Washington DC
The Live Oak Emporium, Beaufort, SC
The Primitive Eye Gallery, Scottsdale, Georgia
Rodetoren4 Galerie Naieve Kunst, Zutphen, the Netherlands
Abita Folk Art, Abita Springs, Louisiana
The Grapevine Gallery, Covington, Louisiana
The Persian Boy Gallery, French Quarter, New Orleans, LA
Royal Street Art, Jackson, Mississippi
Concepts Gallery, Lafayette, Louisiana

This year, she had several pieces sold on the Art Auction at the
PBS Station for New Orleans, one of which was an award winner from
the judges of the exhibit for the public.

Also, she has been published in The Crafts Report magazine for
February 2002, featuring her art and web site,

Her very first painting was called 'Dinner on the Grounds',
and was bought by an artist in Mississippi for $12. That
event inspired her to continue, and today her paintings are
being enjoyed by folk art fans from around the world.
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