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I am living in Salzburg, the wonderful city, where Mozart was born and I have found a satisfying occupation in my job as a lawyer. I deal with the variety of creativity as well as forms and colours from childhood and I still love the challenge and surprise anew from their interplay. Although I worked as an autodidact with most sorts of paintings and drawings, I would describe my style currently as abstract and experimental - but after all I don`t want to decide on a certain style or technique.
Because I adore it to be guided by the moment and my spontaneity prevents planning of a work of art in the long term, the main intention of my paintings is to keep the viewer in an ongoing visual dialogue with my artwork.

"Art does not mean to alienate as abstraction intends or to respect naturalism fully detailed, but to convert the seen, experiences and feelings intuitively in a way that is able to move people. If a painting makes just one person think or smile, it was worth every brushstroke."

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