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Self-taught, except for a few college courses. Workshops with 'Millard Sheets' going to Mexico and China. Workshop with Dong Kingman, going to California.

When living in Palm Springs I had a showing of my work at the Palm Springs Museum . My paintings were in the VanDerMeer Gallary and sold quite well. Mr. Vander Meer also acted as my agent. Due to my Husband's health, we had to come back to Okla. Mr. Vander Meer had planned to do a retrospective of my work.

I have donated many of my paintings to 'the Greyhound rescue'. Also the Betty Ford center in Calif.

There is no subject matter that I do not enjoy painting. Maybe 'Flower' paintings are my least favorite, however I have done many.

My 'Goal' is to someday go to Africa and paint 'Wildlife', if God willing.

My paintings are 'impressionist', however I have never tried to paint in one style. What ever comes out of my 'soul' is the way I paint.

Thank you for the opportunity to show my work.
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