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Biem Kikkert, born 3 May 1952 in Amsterdam and lives in Den Helder, The Netherlands.

Ever since I was a child I wanted to be an artist. When I was 17 years old I was admitted to the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. I learned much, got acquainted to great teachers and many talented students. I studied painting and graphics and graduated in 1974.

My favorite techniques were, and still are, oil painting and lithography. After leaving the academy, I began to refine my technique. More and more details appeared in my work. And, gradually, this particular style of painting I still have today, developed to a certain way of life, a way to observe reality.

To be receptive for all kinds of thoughts and impulses is crucial when I am working. Sometimes painting is just accepting inspiration. It is a quality, always there and ready to be used, like a database. Painting is like connecting spirit and matter. Combining images inside images is an effect I often use, because it symbolises the unity of all there is.

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