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Bob L. Cauley was born in Langdale, Alabama, on May 9, 1960. His
paternal grandparents, in the small town of Ruleville, Mississippi,
raised him, until the death of his grandmother in 1971. At the tender
young age of eleven, he was alone and on his own. He has traveled
extensively throughout the U. S., Canada, and Mexico. He has had
occupations from farmer to business manager.
In 1998, Bob decided to try creating his own works of art. He has
experimented and used many different media. But his personal
preference is oil on canvas.
Bob has been primarily inspired and influenced by Jackson Pollock
and the Impressionists. He has devoted countless hours of reading,
studying, experimenting, trial-and-error, and hard work to creating his
art. He considers himself to be a self-taught impressionist and
abstract expressionist.
Bob has been in eleven solo shows and ten groups since 2001. He
has been in five juried shows. His second juried show, he won an Award
of Excellence. His third juried show, he won Best of Show. His fifth
juried show, he won Judge's Choice Award.
Bob currently lives in Hugo, Oklahoma with his wife and two sons.
His plans for the future involve improving his art skill and technique.
He also plans on exhibiting his art as often as possible in the future.
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