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Filip Bod was born in 20.08.1975 in Starachovice, Poland,
where he lived until the age of 5 years.
1997-2000: was taught painting in the St Peterburg´s
Academy of Fine Arts, Russia, specialization in monumental
painting in the atelier of A.A.Milnikov.
1995-1997: was taught classic painting and drawing in the
atelier-s of A.A.Andreev and V.P.Kossolapov in Nizhny
Novgorod, Russia.
1994-1995 studied plastic arts at the faculty of St
Charles, Paris.
1992: had an internship of architecture in Chapman Taylor
Partners, London.
Releases and works
2002-2003 Collaborations with the agency Christophe
November 2002 a water-color painting exposition in the
theatre Carpeau in Courbevoie (6th Salon of Ruban Bleu).
August 2002 Participation in tha festival Karika Feast in
Kinshassa ( the festival of humorous and satirical draft).
July 2002 Involvement in the artistic decoration (fresque) of
the cinema of Cambrei (customer Caterine Feff).
January 2002 Release of the animation film "Curiosity", broadcasted
at Imagina 2002
May-June 2001 Release of the fresque in the hotel Martinez,
in Cannes (customer C.Feff).
November,18 2001: Exposition of the water-color painting in
the Museum of Avelines in St Cloud.(5th Salon of Rubans
Studios of Bod Filip

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