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Brandt Sponseller is a self-taught artist who works in all media, but concentrates on oil, acrylic and digital photography. He is also an author and a musician/composer. Sponseller's artworks strive for a number of precarious balances, often stressing contrasts, especially in ironic ways: between "fine art", comic art and the more bizarre side of "outsider art"; between realism, surrealism and complex abstraction; between theory and arbitrariness; between control and chaos; between the horrific and the humorous; between the garish and the beautiful; between the disturbing and . . . well, he doesn't try to balance that one; between bright, clashing colors and compositional unity; and between being seriously philosophical, pretentious, goofy and the light hearted jabs of a life long smart ass. If these do not balance, Sponseller gladly allows the works to venture to the extremes of the wacky side.
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