Brenda Chavis

Waking up from the American Dream
© 2018 Brenda Chavis

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I am a freelance artist. I work in various mediums, to include, pencil, oil, acrilic, watercolor, clay sculpture, wood carving, and natural crafts. I do abstract and realistic, and portrait art. All of my work is original, and drawn from my own feelings and experiences. I have been creating art since I was a young child. I still have a watercolor I did in 6th grade, of Hurbert Hoovers Bithplace. I have done a magazine cover, for Interrace Magazine. I am a former member of the Westminster Art Association, in MA.

This piece is one I did as a military spouse, when my husband was off in the Gulf War. (The quality on here may not show the tears in her eyes.)
It was done from my torn feelings of deep patriotism, and the love and fear I had for my husband. (He later died from 4 different chemically caused cancers, lung and brain, as many Gulf Vets have.)

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