Brett Hayes

A Sense of Place
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Brett Hayes’ work is illustrative, representational and realistic. He specializes in oil paintings of landscape, skyscape and seascape images. His technique reflects the old masters in its application. Paintings begin as detailed charcoal drawings, then built up with many layers of thin oil paint, working from dark to light and thin to thick. Brett’s technique then involves adding small amounts of thick paint to the lightest parts of the painting to create dimension and depth.
Brett’s most recent artworks include a series of sunrise and sunset images. These works focus on color, light and the effect of light on the land. They also deal with atmospherics as well as the contrast between the hard headlands and cliffs, against the soft skies, clouds and water.
‘My artworks are foremost about image, as well as mood and feelings generated by beauty. I believe that the main importance of any artwork is to replicate beauty without pretence or cliché. My desire is to encourage the viewer to feel the happiness that I feel when creating a painting that is simply beautiful, and that is all.’
Brett’s studies include: Life drawing at The Julian Aston school of Fine Art and an Advanced Creative Diploma of Fine Arts majoring in painting.
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