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My interest in the arts began in the early 70s when I attended college to study graphic design. It was then that I was inspired by surrealism - Dali, Goya, Esher but to name a few. I also had an interest in some of the 70s record album cover art, which was often very surreal and colorful. With a combination of graphic design, computer and photography techniques, I developed an interest in digital art and decided to use these interests in my work. I have held a number of exhibitions in the UK and from this web site, I am generating a growing interest in my work worldwide.

The surreal work I enjoy creating is mysterious where sci-fi like worlds of fantasy, beauty and illusion come alive, visions of a dream like universe, full of wonders, colour and life. To create these atmospheric and surreal effects I have used fractals, landscapes, skies, seas and human figures, and manipulated them with the use of bold colours, paint techniques and various textures.

My ideas come from the imagination and from images I capture with digital and traditional cameras. With the combination of computer graphics, photography, 3D manipulation and painting skills and the employment of various other tools and filters in paint programs such as Photoshop and Paintshop Pro, the results are bright, surreal and mysterious, with beautiful shapes that possess an almost jewel like quality.

My work is a demonstration that computer technology and art can come together as an exciting new medium in creating works of art that reflect the inner most thoughts and imagination of the artist
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