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Bryan Patterson is an artist and designer living in Vermont with his wife and six children, all of whom have amazing artistic ability.

Bryan is directly descended from Abraham Lapp, A founder of the Amish community in America. Among his relatives is Henry Lapp of the late 1800's. Henry was an amazing deaf mute carpenter/craftsman and has his work displayed in The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Bryan says, “I've always had a love of wood and began creating with it before learning of my Lapp ancestors.” Bryan started woodworking professionally in 1977 and has had his work featured in several publications over the years.

Concretions have added the newest developement to Bryan’s work. He and his family harvest these treasures while swimming in the gorgeous rivers of Vermont. The real enjoyment comes from their display of as many wonderful pictures they make in the mind's eye like those you see in the clouds.

Bryan carves his work creating a great variety of forms from subtle asymmetric vessels to abstract sculptures. The woods range from maple to cedar providing a range of color and grains. A unique element is his integration of concretions, a natural calcium formation that exhibits a wide range of patterns. Bryan uses a variety of carving techniques to form his work; the results are the development of soft curves that work in concert with the patterns of the concretions that are set into the surface of the work. The carving allows Bryan to produce a variety of surfaces that other methods such as turning can't, allowing him to produce conflicts between the expected size and mass of the objects.
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