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Cammie Wysocki Noel is of Polish and English/Scottish decent. She was born
in Wichita
Kansas, and grew up in Flagstaff and Scottsdale, Arizona. In the late
1970's she moved to
Southern California. She studied art, interior design, and film in San
Diego, and Los Angeles
CA, and began painting sets and homes in 1988. Her artwork was featured in
galleries in
Los Angeles and Sedona AZ in the early 1990's.
Cammie's paintings are influenced by The Romantic painters, and the Pre
Raphaelites, as
well as modern Fantasy artists.She usually works in acrylic on panel, or
sometimes canvas.
She currently resides in the Puget Sound WA area with her 2 dogs, Indie
and Woodrow and a horse Cheyenne.

She enjoys photography, and has spent time in the UK photographing scenes
which she
frequently uses as background references for her paintings.
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