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I first started photography in 1972. I have 15yrs with the chemicial darkroom before getting into the digtal way. The last 20 years of my life I have been battling a neuromuscular disease. I live with a tracheotomy tube, a gift of life from my fine doctors at Abington hospital in Pa. I have several limitations taking photos. Because my hands shake, I can only use a tripod. My long field trip days are over now, and when I feel good it is two hours max if I`m lucky. Till this day, 95% of my time in the field I spend by myself. My love for this art is on a one to one basis, meaning my work is a 100 percent reflection of who I am. Thus it is a visual diary of people, places and things in good times and bad I have cherished and learned to accept all through the years. It is unacceptable for me now to let time go by and not produce something from within. I could not do it any other way. I use two Analog Canon A1`s cameras. I have always used Cannon lenses: 24mm f2, 35mm f2, 35-105mm f3.5, 80-200mm f4. Old stock but they do the job with outstanding results. I use a Canon Fs4000us film scanner to input my negatives into a Dell Pc using a 21in Sony multiscan E540 monitor. My output is to a 1280 Epson printer............ Epilogue, life. After I was diagnosed I became dormant for years thinking I was less of a man. It was not until September of 1999 my life changed for ever. I suddenly woke up in and ICU on life support and for the next 17 days it took to realize what my life was all about. The love from my family, doctors and nurses let me live again. It was soon after I recovered my creative force came back to stay. Carl
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