Carlos (aka Peiz) Milles

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Originally from Boston, Carlos Peiz Milles grew up in a rich artistic environment. He grew up in a family of artists and cultivated his skill at a young age. He learned early that to he could manipulate various forms of art in a wide spectrum of circumstances. His art conveys his moods and ideas, be they social commontary, protest, or pure emotion.

Carlos studied art at the University of Massachusetts, where he sharpened his skills as a studio and digital artist, and "pushed" his subjects and techniques.

Directly from college, Carlos worked for many years in a marketing communications company, where he once again transferred his artistic techniques into "real world" applications. Over this time, he worked as a digital artist, programmer, editor, producer, and art director to produce marketing products for worldwide corporations.

Carlos is currently settled down in the DC Metro area, and applying his Boston training as an artist for hire. Professionally, he transfers his clients visions and message into whatever medium they require, be they website, CD-ROMs, Photography, or Video. Outside of he Corporate environment, Carlos still commissions himself out as a studio artist.
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