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I have enjoyed drawing and painting since I was a small child. I am mostly self taught although I do have some formal training.
I attended art classes at Watkins Institute as a teenager, have studied pastels with Juanita Williams Green and was a student in the Fine Art Department at Peabody College, now Vanderbilt/Peabody University, where I studied perspective,figure drawing, design and painting. Since then I have progressed on my own.
I work in oils, pastels and my favorite, Color Pencils which I discovered about seven years ago. I find that I can achieve precise detail with this medium when I want or make objects and backgrounds appear misty as I see fit.
Most of my work has been commissioned by individuals who want portraits of loved ones, pets or wildlife.
I have never entered into competitions nor have I ever shown in any Galleries. My commissions have been by "word of mouth" and recommendations from clients.
I am branching out into the public arena at this time. I hope you enjoy my art work.
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