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A colorful exposition that will exhibit delight to the eyes titled Visual Intersections, compiling 22 years of experiences composed by Carol Tibbitts. The foundation of the artist's work was laid slowly but steadily as her late grandfather's camera was placed in her young hands by her father. She was known to see what others did not. Ms. Tibbitts silently devoted herself to express the beautiful essence that often went unnoticed.

Although photography captured fleeting moments during her personal journey, she was continuously distraught with the clumsy camera that could not mirror her visions of vivid color and wonder. Coupled with painful events that life rendered; brought this artist to a treacherous crossing of abandoning her work. It had come time to learn how to see the trees in the forest, as advised by a mentor long past.

Efficient strides were made over the last four years when unconventional techniques were applied. Digital technology provided the vehicle to shape elements within the photographs such as light, color and texture into a form that displayed its fullest potential. Using a personal computer, the same photographs that brought despair became essential for her work as she now uses the components within a scene rather than the scenes itself.

The majority of the work involves tedious hours transforming extremely small sections often involving individual pixels. The hours easily amount to days or even weeks stretched out over months. However, some are formed in a couple of days and on rare occasions within a few hours. The time involved is variable as the artist fills the work with deep and raw motions that are experienced during creation. Her motive is to expand the limitations that one often builds in ones own mind, consequently stifling the imagination. Using the imagination to create is an imperative key to moving through each experience, in turn enriching the soul.

Upon completion, the work is titled as Ms. Tibbitts believes that untitled artwork is comparable to an unnamed individual. The titles may not reflect what another may see or feel upon viewing. However, she enjoys experiencing anotherís interpretation.
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