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Cary Charles was born in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, during 1969. An optimistic and spontanous person by nature, his often symbolic paintings are best viewed as emotional freeze-frames; fleeting moments, memories and sensations. Each canvas captures a world permanently in transition, populated by forms which are endlessly evolving and adapting.

Cary draws upon his subconscious with the hope that his work will bypass the conscious mind and entice the viewer to perceive beyond obvious and literal frames of reference.

Cary is mainly self-taught. He exhibited and sold work in the Save The Children Exhibition at Winchcombe's Kenulf Gallery two years in a row during his late teens, whilst gaining an advanced diploma in display.

A subsequent career in digital imaging reignited his need to express visually. The result was a more assured return to painting, with geometry, motion and colour coming to the fore as greater trust was placed upon his own expression.

Cary was recently selected to represent Britain in the Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art 2005, an exhibition supported by United Nations and sponsored by many other high profile organisations.
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