Cervone Luigi

Intelato canto, vento e inganno (particolare)
© 2018 Cervone Luigi

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Not just the same place and date list. I've never been a number.
To tell the truth, I don't mind avoiding any scheme - or I'd better say labelling - except for that of man, which is also my target. Together with freedom.
And it wasn't easy freeing my thoughts.
I had to face my fears, and turn my weaknesses into strenght.
I took off the sacred clothes with which I desguised my ingnorance and my awareness of death as divinity.
I kept in hope the dreams of a child too early shipwrecked into reality.
I left the shadow of a cloud which I loved as an orchid and I dragged - as a new Sisyphus - the burden of my sorrow climbing my youth.
I followed the prints of the animal inside me, and I listened to the seasons' singing and their turning over.
I moulded the weapons to conquer my choice on my own.
I chose to be: numbers are for those who want to have.
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