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"Chanin", was born in a small rural town just outside the city limits of Syracuse New York, USA in September of 1974.
There he studied the history of art, and the lives and works of many known great artists, past and present.
By 1996, "Chanin" relocated to Los Angeles, CA. USA, to pursue his dreams of becoming an aspiring talent in the world of contemporary artwork.

Once there he practiced and began fine tuning his skills to create what some have said to be the most mystical, and colorful Hollywood celebrity portraits among the main-stream arts today.
With gained opportunities throughout his career, Chanin has been recognized for capturing the focus and attention of numerous Hollywood iconic celebrities that currently own individualized divisions of his artworks.
His passion for vibrance through color led him on a journey from familiar practices of work in charcoal and graphite mediums, to explore a relatively 'untouched' subject of, reversed glass painting. By using acrylics and common household canned spray paints.
Each painting produces a high reflective glare with an extreme sense of vibrance and a broad colored spectrum when applied to the undersides of glass.
This unique style has become the primary focus for most work currently produced by,"Chanin".

For further information on how to submit your request contract, please write to:
(*featured above: Contracted - 2008 MLB Milwaukee Brewers Logo.)

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